Integrabuild building & construction | HERITAGE LISTED UNITING CHURCH DEMOLISHED
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In May 2018, Integrabuild was engaged to demolish the Bowen Uniting Church building (formerly the St James Presbyterian Church building).

The demolition came with mixed emotions from the parish and the Bowen community.

The Church stood for 84 years at its Kennedy Street location – a vast majority of those years were happy ones before steel reinforced rust within the structure caused the concrete to start crumbling.

It was a decision that wasn’t made lightly but was necessary to ensure church goers wouldn’t be put in harms way.

Meticulous planning and precision operations were implemented to maximise potential to re-use precious heritage listed treasures during this job.

Integrabuild’s Field manager, Rod Flood recognised the delicate and sensitive nature of this project and conducted himself to both committee members and the wider community with the utmost diplomacy.

Rod was adamant about preserving as much as possible from the church.  Among the items that were able to be salvaged were pews, inscribed plaques, stain glass windows and the bell from the church tower.

The expertise and commitment of the Integrabuild team resulted in the Uniting Church Parish Council and the Bowen community being extremely happy with the job.

Member of the Uniting Church Parish Council, Mark Steen said the items that were salvaged will be preserved and restored to featured in a new church that will be built in its place.

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