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Here is some good news!

By contacting Integrabuild for your next project you can rest assured that we have both the experience and systems to ensure your build is a success rather than the vast majority that tend to result in financial loss and major disappointment.

There are three components to any build, they are budget, speed and quality.

Naturally, you would like all three to be met and that can be achieved in balance, but it’s important to note they are all linked.

Prior to commencement of any build, no matter how large or small, we will have a thorough consultation with you to establish your number one priority.

Just because you choose budget doesn’t mean you will end up with an inferior build. Just like paying over the top will not guarantee quality! But, budget will always be a major focus for both of us and all subsequent decisions will be made with that in mind.

If you need speed then be honest with your deadline. If we cannot meet it we will not waste your time. Equally, you should insist on a Timeline plan from whoever tenders for the work. This will ensure the handover date has been planned. If your builder cannot (or will not) provide this information then they are incapable of achieving a successful outcome. No exceptions, this is a fact. The builder is kidding himself if he tells you differently, don’t let him kid you as well.

Quality is often talked about and rarely delivered in construction. It is linked to speed because it takes longer to deliver a higher standard of work. It also means that the supervisor will be far more confident getting substandard work redone if he is not working to an immovable time line (Christmas!).

So, the first question we need to ask is, what is your number one priority?

You can say all three if you wish, that is fine, but we are now working in your interests so it’s good to know if there is a pressing constraint involving a budget or completion date.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your new home build, a renovation, commercial project or demolition please feel free contact us to discuss your project.

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